Room Escape Terror Level 2 Walkthrough

Guide for Room Escape Terror Level 2 Walkthrough find your way out from the horror room by solving the puzzle, find code and get key to open door for each stage then escape !
Room Escape Terror app game by moonmobile on iphone / android device


room escape terror niveau 2 solution
tap the left painting and solve the puzzle picture, you will find 4 red shape:
circle, square, pentagon, triangle
get a bucket on the floor left side of the cross
tap the paper on ground and get a gem

change view and tap the left chair to get another gem and candle
go to the cross and put the gem on left and right, then change the shape to circle, square, pentagon, triangle (top to bottom)
get a sword

tap the left candle next to the cross and lit your candle on
click right barrel and touch faucet then fill your bucket with water, tap big bucket at the left corner under painting then fill it with water from bucket
repeat this step 4 times until you can get the key to inventory

change view, then tap right candle
use your candle to lit on this candle and you will reveal code number 1992
go to door, use sword to the priest and open the door using key and code 1992


room escape terror nivel 2 video cheats guide :

This thrilling and wonderful escape game brings you a scary atmosphere, that is challenging and entertaining at the same time.

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