Room Escape Terror Level 3 Walkthrough

Cheat for Room Escape Terror Level 3 Walkthrough find your way out from the horror room by solving the puzzle, find code and get key to open door for each stage then escape !
Room Escape Terror app game by moonmobile on iphone / android device


room escape terror niveau 3 solution
open the cabinet drawer next to the bed for a screwdriver
tap the left photo frame and flip it to remove the screws using screwdriver to get the photo
tap the teddy bear on bed there’s a red 5
look under bed to get a lighter from box
open the desk drawer, there’s a green 4

go to the door
get a hammer on ground, and there’s a blue 8 on the table

move to bathroom and use the hammer to break the wall
use the lighter to light up the candles
get a necklace
on the bathtub there’s a math equation, if you do the math you will get 5 as the answer

back to the door
look at the ceiling on left, there are some numbers hanging
add up each numbers and you will get 9

tap the cabinet the bike, there’s a yellow 2
open the top drawer with 9 on left and 5 on right
get a toy rotator

go to the desk on bedroom, place the toy rotator to the monkey and get another photo

place both photo inside the necklace and go to the door
there’s a hole where your can put the necklace in
now change the code into :
blue 8
green 4
red 5
yellow 2


room escape terror nivel 3 video cheats guide :

This thrilling and wonderful escape game brings you a scary atmosphere, that is challenging and entertaining at the same time.

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