Room Escape Terror Level 4 Walkthrough

Cheat for Room Escape Terror Level 4 Walkthrough find your way out from the horror room by solving the puzzle, find code and get key to open door for each stage then escape !
Room Escape Terror app game by moonmobile on iphone / android device


room escape terror niveau 4 solution
get a sword from fireplace
get a rifle scope on top of the door
use the sword to cut the ropes on the cabinet, open the 2nd drawer for a gun magazine
tap the glasses cabinet next to window and open the bottom door
get a scroll + TV antenna

place the antenna above the TV and look on the news screen, there’s emergency number : 3274861
tap the yellow phone and dial the number to get a key from phone left side

tap the bottom chest drawer and open it with the key to get a rifle barrel and bottle of water
use the bottle on the fireplace to put out the fire and pick up a rifle stand

look on the right wall and place the scroll on the paper, there’s a clue : MK-16
tap the glasses cabinet and enter the lock code : mk16 to get the gun part

back to the right wall
now you must combine the rifle gun in order according to the paper guide and place it on the shelf
after you have a complete gun, use it to shoot all the zombie on the window
get the door key and unlock the door open


room escape terror nivel 4 video cheats guide :

This thrilling and wonderful escape game brings you a scary atmosphere, that is challenging and entertaining at the same time.

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