Royal Escape Secret Room Walkthrough

Answers for Royal Escape Secret Room Walkthrough – as agent you need to figure out where to find the queen’s stolen rubies, escape through each room using items that you can collect, combine and use hint code to solve the puzzle for keys to pass every level !
royal escape by Goblin LLC / Mobigrow / Tedven LLC / Mobest Media on on iphone / android device


royal escape secret room solution
look at the magic square puzzle on middle stone and enter these numbers :
6 1 8
7 5 3
2 9 4
get a ring

get the stone and torch on left side
look at the middle, take pickaxe head and use the torch to the rope to get it
combine stone + rope and use it on the top
tap the rope and move to the other side

get the stick and combine it with axe head to make pickaxe
use the tool to break all the stones gone
put the ring to the circle spot
move forward

get the iron, magnet and bucket on floor
combine iron + magnet
use the bucket on water and remember the color of the picture
go to the door and use the water on it then change color :
blue – red
red – green – blue – green
green – blue – red – blue – red

look at the left side and get a triangle using magnet
use the triangle on the stone for left side
move the triangle to get number 7 from by blocking the lines :
0 1
2 2
0 1
0 1

get a pipe from the boat and use it on the door

connect the left picture and complete the right picture
then open the treasure box by pressing these pattern :
3x 5x 2x
get a handle and place it on the right side
tap it and get a sword

back to the 1st place and use the sword on the middle rock to get a treasure box

place the box on the door sword and tap the handle to break it
get key and use it to open the boat and escape


royal escape secret room video cheats guide

Downloading this tricky escape game now and let’s see if you are smart enough to save the Royal Family by using your puzzle solving skills.
Pssst! Collect all the hidden diamonds you see on your journey, they could be more important than you imagine…
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