Royal Escape Walkthrough

Guide for Royal Escape Walkthrough – as agent you need to figure out where to find the queen’s stolen rubies, escape through each room using items that you can collect, combine and use hint code to solve the puzzle for keys to pass every level !
royal escape by Goblin LLC / Mobigrow / Tedven LLC / Mobest Media on on iphone / android device


Welcome to the Victorian Era England! In this amazing room escape adventure you work for a spy agency who discovered a conspiracy against the Royal Family. You have important information which you have to bring to them right way, but you’re being chased. Agency has arranged a covert way for you to get to the Queen. Hurry up, our informant is meeting you at the main train station with more information.

You will see a man that will guide you :
Welcome, agent ! we have to be quick. Great conspiracy is afoot! Are you ready to infiltrate the enemy organisation ?
Great ! we’ll need a key to the cabin. I’ll help you get started.

royal escape niveau 1 solution
take a look at the bag near the boxes on right
that’s athe bag an enemy operative had with him
we have to get it to open, somehow…

let’s look in the car, collect all items you find
take the drill and drill tip to inventory, now combine drill and the tip to get a working drill
great ! let’s head back and open the bag using the drill on the lock
let’s look inside, there’s a security box
let’s go to the wagon door for the code 591
enter the numbers to get the key and back to wagon door to open

ok, this is it from me. i wish you luck on your mission. we’re all depending on you !

royal escape nivel 1 video cheats guide

Downloading this tricky escape game now and let’s see if you are smart enough to save the Royal Family by using your puzzle solving skills.
Pssst! Collect all the hidden diamonds you see on your journey, they could be more important than you imagine…

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