Scary Escape Level 8 Walkthrough

Solution for Scary Escape Level 8 Walkthrough how to get out from your nightmare dreams through each rooms ! find hidden items, codes to solve puzzle and use it as key to open the door for next stage !
Scary Escape by Trapped on on iphone / android device


scary escape niveau 8 solution
look at the left side to get a hammer on wall and cloth on table
go to the left room and remember the clue on right board :
x x o
x o x
o x x

go to right side and get a red wire and crowbar
use the hammer to break the brick wall
remember the numbers on wall : 325
tap the left brick like the o clue to get handle
connect the red wire to the cable on left wall
remember the lamp color : green – yellow – blue
go to left room and use the cloth on the machine
now enter the color and numbers :
3 – 2 – 5
green – yellow – blue
get a wheel handle

go to the door and use the crowbar to break the rope
connect both handle and open the door
proceed to level 9


scary escape nivel 8 video cheats guide

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