Scary Escape Level 7 Walkthrough

Answer for Scary Escape Level 7 Walkthrough how to get out from your nightmare dreams through each rooms ! find hidden items, codes to solve puzzle and use it as key to open the door for next stage !
Scary Escape by Trapped on on iphone / android device


scary escape niveau 7 solution
get a tile on table and put it on the middle floor
change the middle row into : pink – green – yellow
get a saw inside
use the saw to cut the right bars and it will break, get a cork screw

get a bottle on left cabinet and open it with the corkscrew
pour the bottle to the paper on table for FEAR clue
use the code to open box on floor for key
use the key to open the left cabinet drawer to get a saw
combine the saw + saw and use it to cut the right bars and escape
move out to level 8


scary escape nivel 7 video cheats guide

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