Spotlight Room Escape The Canyon Walkthrough

Solution for Spotlight Room Escape The Canyon Walkthrough – what would you do if you wake up in a locked room and don’t remember anything ? except one, you have to escape ! investigate every scene and objects to find the clues to solve the various number and letter puzzles so you can open the locks code and escape out.
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video guide walkthrough of chapter 2 spotlight room escape the canyon stage cheats :

Spotlight: Room Escape The Canyon Solutions
get stick on right ground
look behind the car and pick up bunch of keys on ground
use key to open back door, take the cloth with wire cutters in it
go back and cut the wires on back with wire cutters to move the ladder
climb up and use stick to open the window for key

go down to the back door and use key to open repair kit tool
take the engine oil then use it on cloth and add key
open middle door with key and go inside

pick up water bottle under the table
get the blue stencil on the folder next to the computer
take the brochure behind the seat and wrench on the shelf
tap the switch behind the seat and move down the seat to get solar panel

take the screwdriver right to the microwave
go to the bed and take the mirror numbers hint under the hat
use the mirror numbers clue to open the cabinet drawer with code :
2 6 1 0
take the battery clips inside
open top shelf and get the empty cups and tin foil

back to the bed and open the flashlight
put the tin foil to the battery slot and then you can pick it up
use wrench to open right hatch next to the bed
place the battery clips
you will need to get 50V from 14V
so press on :
8 + 3 + 7 + 8 + 7 + 3 and the generator will on

look on top of the bed for code :
3>1 3<4 for the answers change the number into : 2 3 4 1 4 1 3 2 1 4 2 3 3 2 1 4 open the shelf and get the light bulb go back behind the car use screwdriver to open the car plate number use flashlight to see the dark pick up cards and paper clue spotlight-room-escape-the-canyon-walkthrough

go to the top of the car
place the missing bulb on top right
place the solar panel to see the light bulb code
back to the car to the right shelf of the bed :
1st code :
o x x
o o x
o o o

2nd code :
o o o
o o o
x o x

3rd code :
o x o
x o o
o x o

look inside to get scraper and paper
place the missing cards on safe box
you need match the pattern :
1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8
2 5 6 1
7 8 4 3
take the flash drive inside

look at the brochure : CA06
also use the car plate numbers : 68DG9B
look at the paper for pattern clue
now use this code to open the bottom cabinet drawer under microwave
get a paper inside

combine water bottle + cup
place cup into microwave
heat it on and off then take the cup
go out from the car and use the cup on left side of the door
then use scraper to reveal name : jacob korakon

connect flash drive to the computer
move down to JKRKN and press enter

combine the paper with blue stencil
you will find some names :
1 ally
2 liam
3 michael
4 violet
look on top of the shelf
match the numbers with name order : 1927


enter the password to computer
scroll down and go out to finish the game

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