You Must Escape The Rooms Level 2 Walkthrough

Solution for You Must Escape The Rooms Level 2 Walkthrough – Find your way out from a fancy villa room by solving puzzle, riddles and using hidden objects to break the code !
прохождение you must escape – the rooms by Tedven / Mobest Media on iphone and android


you must escape the rooms stage 2 cheats :

You Must Escape – The Rooms Stage 2 Solutions
memorize the window height
now use it to open the right side box on left :
down – up – down – up – down – up
take the board

pick up pencil under the left table
take scissors on right table
look at right back, pick up the screwdriver under the chair on right
open the bag using the board and follow the arrow direction :
left – up – right – left – right – down
get the paper

use screwdriver to open the air vent on bottom left
place the paper and use pencil to get the key
open the box on left side with key
take the drill

open left door and go inside
get the drill tip on the left cup
combine the drill and use it to open left
you will find 3 cube : red – blue – yellow
use the color to open right drawer for box

look at left plants
open the box on inventory with : leaves – grass – flower
obtain a battery
pick up phone on right chair and combine with battery

go under left stair and get paper under the book
spell MOBEST like the clue from phone :
3 x x 4
1 x 2 x
x x 5 6

go back to the room and tap on left computer
press the button like the hint
you will find 4 flag position : left – up left – right – down left

go to the left door and tap on left shelf near stairs
take the rings

tap on top left shelf and look at the door
now change the triangle direction like the flag
go inside the room and take the paper left to the guitar
use scissors to cut the guitar string

tap on left closet and get the stick
get hammer under and watch on right table on right
look at the clock and add the rings
you will see 23:14 on the clock time
use this code to the middle bottom part box and get pliers

go back and open box on left using pliers
obtain a stick inside

go back to the left table
use hammer to break the left mirror and get a cutter
combine stick + cutter then use it to open box on right on left side
take another stick


go inside left door to the white door
combine 2 sticks + string and use it to top right window
take the paper piece : COSX
use the code to open left closet and you will find the door
continue to you must escape – the rooms stage 3

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