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Dooors Zero Walkthrough

Guide for Dooors Zero Walkthrough Cheats, Solutions – New version of DOOORS with a 360 degree scrollview ! solve the hidden mysteries in the room to open the door, can you break out of the rooms on each stage ?
DOOORS Z – room escape game by 58 WORKS on iphone / android device

Dooors Zero Level 1 Walkthrough
hint = swipe to move and find the correct door to open

Dooors Zero Level 2 Walkthrough
find 3 circle button and change it from vertical to horizontal line

Dooors Zero Level 3 Walkthrough
look for diamond shape on wall, and turn the button following the shape guide :
x o o x
o x x o
x o o x
the hatch on wall will open and you can get a net
use the net to get key on the wall with down arrow
use the key to open door

Dooors Zero Level 4 Walkthrough
move the red ball to the right side by tilting your phone so the ball move

Dooors Zero Level 5 Walkthrough
find the ball color to change 3 colors on wall : blue green red
get the torch and use it on the liquid pool then lit it on fireplace
use the torch to burn the hays and open door

dooors z stage 1 2 3 4 5 solutions :


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