Texas Hazard Level 8 Walkthrough

Answers for Texas Hazard Level 8 Walkthrough – Escape from the sheriff and his men by solving the puzzle logic on every stage room and open door codes !
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Texas Hazard Stage 8 Cheats
get the small rope on the middle weapon on left and memorize the gun color + numbers
open the right box with code : 7 6 4 9
take the right ingredient
solve the puzzle picture to get matches

open left barrel to get a sack
look at book on left table for formula

tap middle table and connect the formula like clue from book :
CHO NO2 (CH2 ON O2)2
insert the sack on middle and get the glass
tap machine on left table place the ingredient and insert the glass
tap the lever and get the TNT
combine TNT + rope

click on the right ladder and place the TNT on the door
add the matches on TNT so the door
escape to texas hazard stage 9


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