Texas Hazard Level 9 Walkthrough

Answer for Texas Hazard Level 9 Walkthrough – Escape from the sheriff and his men by solving the puzzle logic on every stage room and open door codes !
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Texas Hazard Stage 9 Cheats
tap the left table drawer on right to get screwdriver
use it to remove nails on floor and move the plank
get scissor part and memorize the symbol clue :
O ^ O + E

tap right wall and connect the circle puzzle to get wood
click on left wood and connect the wood part on top
now change the symbols like the hint to get key

use key to open right drawer on right table for another scissor part
combine both scissors part and use it to cut left rope
add rope on the cannon then tap it
use scissors to cut the cannon rope
the wall bricks will break and you can escape to texas hazard stage 10


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