The Treasure Box 2 Level 2 Walkthrough

Open each mystery chest, a puzzle game by Tatsuhiko Koyama with the treasure chest 2 level 2 walkthrough
solve the puzzle to open the silver treasure box !


the treasure box 2 level 2-A walkthrough
press the coin button to open the box

the treasure box 2 level 2-B walkthrough
enter the number on keypad from the board above : 12483
rub the board to see another number : 192

the treasure box 2 level 2-C walkthrough
pull up the knot to see a button, press the button to open

the treasure box 2 level 2-D walkthrough
add up all numbers on each color so you’ll get all 11 in the middle
4 red 9 green 8 yellow
6 blue 2 green
3 yellow 5 blue 7 red


the treasure box 2 level 2-E walkthrough
move the lever for each square based on the height of the line on wall
from left to right :
1. middle lower
2. top
3. bottom
4. middle

the treasure box 2 level 2-F walkthrough
slide the square on the chest using the hint on wall
you will see the arrow facing : ← ↑ ↑ ← ↓
so slide them from :
1. left to right
2. top to bottom
3. top to bottom
4. left to right
5. bottom to top
after the last one you will see a green button, press it
but if you wait for a while and the arrow will change to right
you can get a new collection

the treasure box 2 level 2-G walkthrough
match the dial by moving it to the same symbol from △ → ▲ → ●


the treasure box 2 level 2-H walkthrough
count the dot color :
red = 4
blue = 3
green = 2
yellow = 1
press the buttons x many times based on the color
then press the middle one for level 3 map

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