The Treasure Box 2 Level 3 Walkthrough

Pass each stage puzzle of Tatsuhiko Koyama game with the treasure chest 2 level 3 walkthrough
solve the puzzle to open the modern silver treasure box !


the treasure box 2 level 3-A walkthrough
shake phone / device to make the trash can drop
hold the piece of paper to the center for scanning one by one
do it until the sensor turned from red to green and it will open

the treasure box 2 level 3-B walkthrough
click the middle of chest box
press the number with yellow color, now you’ll have an empty space
rearrange the order of numbers from top to bottom
1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
the empty space = yellow number, you must put it back again

the treasure box 2 level 3-C walkthrough
a random letters on the wall, tap it to see a hint
follow the green line from inner to outer
use it on the letters you’ll get numbers : NINEHUNDREDS AND SIXTY-FIVE
press keypad to enter : 965

the treasure box 2 level 3-D walkthrough
keep sliding the black rectangle to the direction that arrow pointed
top right slide to left
bottom left slide to right
you will see yellow buttons
press them to open the chest


the treasure box 2 level 3-E walkthrough
slide the switch on left and right above red button
a yellow dots will appear, use it to read numbers from the one that not on
left : 5
right : 4
press keypad to enter 54
get a collection by enter 76, it’s from adding the total number of lights

the treasure box 2 level 3-F walkthrough
tilt your phone / device so the blue circle move to the number 1 and 2
when it move to 1, click on the button 1 on chest
do the same thing with #2 and the chest will open

the treasure box 2 level 3-G walkthrough
slide down the yellow dot
tilt your phone / device sideway then slide down the yellow dot to the square
get a level 4 map


the treasure box 2 level 3-H walkthrough
press keypad and enter code 6138 just like the wall help
but if you slide the wall hint, there’s a complete number : 61389 for more coins

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