Ulterior Level 26 27 28 29 30 Walkthrough

Hints for Ulterior Level 26 27 28 29 30 Walkthrough to find out how to escape the black room and solve level H, do it, connect, all 1, password ! Use the logic and out of the box think to find your way out of ulterior levels. Can you solve all levels over 50 puzzle all with creative thinking without help ?
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Ulterior Level 26 Walkthrough : H
swipe and draw letter H by following the line

Ulterior Level 27 Walkthrough : do it
press any key to continue
if you look the letter “O” from TO and CONTINUE, the hole making a key shape
tap any O to escape

Ulterior Level 28 Walkthrough : connect
just hold the plug and outlet together until the progress reach 100%

Ulterior Level 29 Walkthrough : all 1
change all 0 into 1, press these numbers in order :
1 o 3
o 5 o
2 o 4

Ulterior Level 30 Walkthrough : password
look at the square dots color for each numbers, you need to find the orange dots with different dot numbers as order
1 orange dot = 1st number
2 orange dots = 2nd number
3 orange dots = 3rd number
4 orange dots = 4th number
that is your password


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