Ulterior Level 21 22 23 24 25 Walkthrough

Cheat for Ulterior Level 21 22 23 24 25 Walkthrough to find out how to escape the black room and solve level square, button, sail, fit it, password ! Use the logic and out of the box think to find your way out of ulterior levels. Can you solve all levels over 50 puzzle all with creative thinking without help ?
прохождение Ulterior App by Pine Entertainment on iphone and android


Ulterior Level 21 Walkthrough : square
put your phone on table / flat service and leave it until you see a square with 100% progress

Ulterior Level 22 Walkthrough : button
tap the middle screen to find a button, if you tap the button it will split into 4
remember the position and tap them using 4 fingers

Ulterior Level 23 Walkthrough : sail
swipe right at the sails of the boat until it moves out off the screen

Ulterior Level 24 Walkthrough : fit it
drag each shape into the outline
for the last one you can move it to the triangle

Ulterior Level 25 Walkthrough : password
BEIJING ? DUBAI ? BARCELONA ? it’s a random time country with 24hrs timezone
so you need to find out “what’s the time in X city” you’re playing right now
enter it as your password


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