unReal Escape Game Walkthrough

Cheats for unReal Escape Game Walkthrough A difficult room escape game where you must using handle wheel to find some puzzle and solve the code using the order forward and backward.
脱出ゲーム unReal by kouhei toyoshima for iphone, ipad, ipad and android


You’re inside a room with walls and number, find out some items and let’s escape by revealing mystery of the room

unreal cheats escape game video guide :

unReal Escape Game solutions :
move to the other side and look at the note on wall, it’s the hint how to move the wheel handle
tap on the handle and turn it counter-clockwise, move to the other side.. you will find a plant
move the plant to reveal numbers under it : 628
back to the handle and turn it clockwise twice, move to the right and look at the rectangle under number 2
enter 628 to get a green screwdriver on the other side
back to the number panel and this time enter 829
the number 2 will change into 9

find room with door and look at the door triangle on left side
remember the order from top to bottom :
right – left – right 2x – left 2x – right – left – right
go to the room with handle, remove the screw with screwdriver then turn the wheel counter-clockwise
back and move to the right, check on the panel under number 3
move the arrow like the triangle clue then press the button to open the panel to get a box on the other side
tap the screwdriver and change the driver from + into –
use the screwdriver to open the box and get an infrared lens


back to the panel under #3 and this time enter the triangle backwards :
right – left – right – left 2x – right 2x – left – right
the number will change from 3 into 5, move to the right and use the lens to see the square shape
x o x o
o x o x
x o o x
x o x x

back to the wheel, turn it counter-clockwise then move to the right
now enter the “x” from the square under number 4, move to the other side and get a handle
back to #4 and this time enter “o”, the number will change from 4 into 6


back to the handle and turn the wheel clockwise twice to get the handle
move to the left and look at the hatch on bottom left floor
use the handle to open the hatch and go down
move to the other side then put the wheel, read the paper note from inventory
use infrared lens to reveal the missing clues on middle
turn the handle :
counter-clockwise, counter-clockwise, clockwise, clockwise, clockwise, counter-clockwise
go to the other side and check the number on door : 3124
move to the left and enter the number under #1, it will change into #2
change the number into 5296 and enter it, move to the other side to get a part
move to the right and get the handle, look the handle from inventory and flip it
put the part on the handle then move left
go up to the door and place the wheel on door, open the door and escape !

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