Where’s My Gift Level 17 18 19 20 Walkthrough

Solution for Where’s My Gift Level 17 18 19 20 Walkthrough – can you find the secret gift for the girl ? solve puzzles with your wits, find items in the unknown corners ! there are 24 funny missions to beat on every room.
Where’s My Gift By Hi Studio Limited / CamMax on iphone and android device


where’s my gift niveau 17 18 19 20 cheat :

where’s my gift mission 17 walkthrough
tap the purple jar on top and get a scissors handle
tap the right cake and get a scissors
connect the handle to the scissors and cut the paper picture on right
get a pan on the basket and use it to get a key on the left bowl
tap the purple cake on right and get the white handle
put the handle on the left cabinet door and open it
use the key to open the blue box then get another picture
put both picture to the puzzle on wall and complete it
look at the sack on top of the shelf and remember the color :
yellow – blue – green – purple
use these color to open the purple box and get the gift

where’s my gift mission 18 walkthrough
tap the cabinet door on the middle
you need to find the correct pattern
tap the middle square 4x and bottom right square 2x
get a key inside
look at the left drawer and use the key to open , get a piece of picture under the book
look at the trash can and get another piece of picture
press the blue box on left, some part of the jigsaw is missing
drag the piece to the correct spot and get the red gift

where’s my gift mission 19 walkthrough
look at the stamp year number on left board : 1863
tap the monitor screen and enter the number
remember the mustache color : blue – purple – yellow
tap the pink box on right and change the dot color, get a key inside
use the key to open red box on floor, remember the green shape :
triangle – square – circle – star
click the blue drawer and enter the shape, get a yellow key
use it to open the right cabinet door
open the red box by solving the tetriz puzzle and get a scissors
cut the rope on the bottom left box using scissors and get the blue gift

where’s my gift mission 20 walkthrough
look at the box on floor and remember the crayon + box color :
orange – purple – blue + green – yellow – purple
look at the bottom left cabinet door and change the color of crayon and square
get a stick inside
look at 4 shape on the box on right floor :
sun – cloud – star – moon
tap the safe on left shelf and change the shape
get a shovel
pick up a tape from the right box
combine all items on inventory and use it to break the glass on the shelf for key
use the key to open the bottom right door of the cabinet and get a green gift

where’s my gift nivel 17 18 19 20 video guide :


I can not find my gift! Can you help me find it out?
My parents have hidden a secret gift for me in the room. Can you help me find it out? It can be in any unknown corner of the room: under the bed, behind the cabinet or within the drawer. Please note that it won’t be easy to get them. All kinds of puzzles in 24 challenging missions are ready to challenge your brain!

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