Where’s My Gift Level 21 22 23 24 Walkthrough

Help for Where’s My Gift Level 21 22 23 24 Walkthrough – can you find the secret gift for the girl ? solve puzzles with your wits, find items in the unknown corners ! there are 24 funny missions to beat on every room.
Where’s My Gift By Hi Studio Limited / CamMax on iphone and android device


where’s my gift niveau 21 22 23 24 cheat :

where’s my gift mission 21 walkthrough
tap the blocks on right, remember the arrow hint : left right down
tap the left table door and change the pointer like the arrow direction
solve the puzzle picture to get a stick
look at the bear on floor and remember the shape clue : heart star diamond
tap the right table drawer and change the shape to open it, get a hook inside
combine the hook and stick then use it to get a key from fish bowl
use the key to to pen the suitcase on the left
press the right safe box and use the key to open it
solve the math problem :
5 x 4 + 5 = 25
the answer is 4 and 5, get the gift box inside

where’s my gift mission 22 walkthrough
tap the paint bucket on ground and remember the color : yellow and blue
open the basket on bech using these color and get a pliers
use the pliers to cut the wire on right tree
get a net on left bush
solve the tetris puzzle to open the left box and get a saw
use the saw to cut the wood on left ground
combine all items and use the combined item on the pool to pick up the key
use the key to open the mailbox for the orange gift

where’s my gift mission 23 walkthrough
tap the picture on right wall, remember the flower color :
purple – orange – blue
use these code to open the door no left cabinet, open the book and remember the numbers :
tap the piano and press the correct piano key number to get a key
use the key to open the right drawer for usb
get a handle on the window
tap the right cabinet door and connect the handle to open it
insert the usb on the safe box and get the red gift

where’s my gift mission 24 walkthrough
get a small shovel hanging on the corner
pick up the cup above the fireplace
use the cup to get a water from fish bowl
pour the water to the fireplace and use the shovel to get the paper hint
remember the money currency
tap the book on floor and enter the code by pressing :
5x 4x 1x 2x
get a puzzle piece
tap the fruit on floor and remember the color :
red – green – yellow
click the box on right and press the correct color
get another puzzle piece
slide the cabinet door on the middle, tap the box
put both puzzle piece on the missing spot
complete the picture to get a green gift

where’s my gift nivel 21 22 23 24 video guide :


I can not find my gift! Can you help me find it out?
My parents have hidden a secret gift for me in the room. Can you help me find it out? It can be in any unknown corner of the room: under the bed, behind the cabinet or within the drawer. Please note that it won’t be easy to get them. All kinds of puzzles in 24 challenging missions are ready to challenge your brain!

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