Wild West Escape Level 2 Walkthrough

Guide for Wild West Escape Level 2 Walkthrough to play as a traveller in the wild west and escape. This is our post office, only here you can connect with other town of the wild west. Can you solve the mysteries hidden there by solving puzzle on every room with items and codes ? Find the banknote on each niveau stage of wild west escape to get access for secret room !
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Wild West Escape Level 2 Cheats
get key under the carpet
grab scissors on table and use key to open the drawer to get coin
use the coin on left side and you will see a box
use the scissors to cut the rope
rotate the picture of cowboy riding horse to open box and get a paper clue
connect the paper on the table to see a complete clue :
up : 4 3 5
down : 2 6 1
go to the door and drag down the 1st 2nd and 6th button
you will have the door open by now, escape to stage 3


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