Wild West Escape Level 3 Walkthrough

Hint for Wild West Escape Level 3 Walkthrough to play as a traveller in the wild west and escape. If you’re tired, our town hotel is one of the best places to rest. Can you solve the mysteries hidden there by solving puzzle on every room with items and codes ? Find the banknote on each niveau stage of wild west escape to get access for secret room !
прохождение Wild West Escape by Trapped on iphone and android


Wild West Escape Level 3 Cheats
get a fork on left table
tap the box on bed and drag the square to find the one with 2 holes on right side
use the fork on the holes to open the box for an item
use the item to break the left lamp and get the shard
use it to break the yellow pillow on bed
get the hotel key and use it to open left door then escape to stage 4


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