Wild West Escape Level 7 Walkthrough

Solution for Wild West Escape Level 7 Walkthrough to play as a traveller in the wild west and escape. Welcome to my home, where keep information about all my cases. Can you solve the mysteries hidden there by solving puzzle on every room with items and codes ? Find the banknote on each niveau stage of wild west escape to get access for secret room !
прохождение Wild West Escape by Trapped on iphone and android


Wild West Escape Level 7 Cheats
get a crowbar on right board and remember the wanted poster
take scissors on wall next to the door and use it to cut the paper on table for key
use crowbar to open the cabinet and use key to open the box inside
look at the folder of face, match it with the wanted poster :
4K8T and Q2Y3
combine the numbers as code to open the chest box : 4283
get a circle inside and put it on the right board, rotate it to get hint numbers : 1 7 4

use these code to open safe box on table :
inner to outer : 4 – 1 – 7
get the sheriff star and use it to open box on table for key
get the key and use it to open cuffs on door, escape to stage 8


video guide for wild west escape niveau 7 nivel walkthrough :

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