Wild West Escape Level 8 Walkthrough

Solutions for Wild West Escape Level 8 Walkthrough to play as a traveller in the wild west and escape. People who cause trouble in our town wind up in prison. Can you solve the mysteries hidden there by solving puzzle on every room with items and codes ? Find the banknote on each niveau stage of wild west escape to get access for secret room !
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Wild West Escape Level 8 Cheats
get knife on toilet and tootbrush on sink
use the toohbrush to clean the toilet for code : october
look at the calendar and change the month to see 3 crossed numbers : 2 16 23

use knife on left pillow to get a saw, get key on bed
look at the shelf for numbers, remove the numbers from calendar so you will get : 9 4 3 1
use the key on safe wall and press 1 9 3 4
remember another numbers : 1357 and get the coins
use the code to open the door lock and put the coins to get bread

put the bread on bed and use saw to cut it open
get a screwdriver and use it to open the window
use saw to cut the bars and escape to stage 9


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