World Escape Level 5 Walkthrough

Tips for World Escape Level 5 Walkthrough – Have a tour around the world to collect and combine items around the room so you can solve puzzle and codes to escape the room and reach new niveau !
World Escape by Mobigrow / Tedven LLC / Mobest Media on on iphone / android device


world escape stage 5 solution
tap the left cabinet and open the middle drawer to get a dog bowl
click on the left bookshelf and find a blue screwdriver handle under the horizontal book

tap the right sofa and look under the left pillow for a screwdriver tip
press the right lamp next to the sofa and use the screwdriver to the hole on the lamp to get a key

use the key to open the left cabinet top drawer for a bottle of perfume, find a number attach on it : 5314
use these number to open the bottom drawer and get a dog food
combine the dog food + bowl

look at the door, there are 3 colors with arrow direction :
Pink = left
Brown = right
Blue = down

tap the left flower pot on the corner, there’s a small door
change the circle direction like the hint into :
down – left – right
place the bowl into the door hole, close it and open it again
tap the bowl to get a red key, use this key to open the door


world escape nivel 5 video cheats guide :

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