World Escape Level 6 Walkthrough

Hints for World Escape Level 6 Walkthrough – Have a tour around the world to collect and combine items around the room so you can solve puzzle and codes to escape the room and reach new niveau !
World Escape by Mobigrow / Tedven LLC / Mobest Media on on iphone / android device


world escape stage 6 solution
tap the table and get a pipe, look the pipe on inventory and tap it once to open the tip
click the left sofa and get a wood handle under the pillow

tap the painting on left wall, there’s a clue for code : 2014
use these number to open the top drawer of the cabinet on right side, get a CD
open the 2nd drawer to pick up a cords
tap the right bookshelf to get an elephant model under the books
use the pipe to get key from the elephant model
use the key to open the 3rd drawer to get a TV remote

use the cord on the CD player and insert the CD, look at the TV and turn it on using the remote
count how many elephant square on each channel :
6 – 2 – 9

click the bottom left cabinet where you can see 3×3 white square
tap on these square in order like the tips from the numbers position :
o 2 o
o o 1
o o 3
get a shovel tip inside

use the shovel on the plant and get a key to open the door and escape this room


world escape nivel 6 video cheats guide :

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