World Wonders Escape Level 15 Taj Mahal Walkthrough

Cheats for World Wonders Escape Level 15 Taj Mahal Walkthrough – Taj Mahal means in Arabic ‘crown of palaces’. Built in 1632 by Shah Jahan to house the tomb of his wife Mumtaz Mahal. Play as adventurer to escape from the world’s most famous places with different room puzzle logic that hard to solve.
прохождение World Wonders Escape by Goblin LLC on iphone and android


world wonders escape level 15 walkthrough
pick up saw on stairs, bow on right chair and arrow on right pillar
combine bow + arrow and use it to get paper on right ceiling
look at paper clue on floor that create a line
use saw to cut the bird cage open for 26 clue
tap left wall and create a line like paper clue by pressing the correct dots
enter XXVI for 26

look at left wall and press purple button to see clue :
1 3 2 3 1
take iron on left chair and use it to open right chest
now tap the key like the height clue
get the handle inside and connect it on left wall
tap the handle so the ladder move down
escape to stage 16


solution of world wonders escape level 15 video cheats guide :

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