You Must Escape 2 Level 13 Walkthrough

Guide for You Must Escape 2 Level 13 Walkthrough how to collect and combine items, solve puzzle and find codes so you can escape the room with keycard and reach new door stage niveau
You Must Escape 2 room escape game by Tedven LLC / Mobest Media on android and iphone


you must escape 2 stage 13 solution :
get a screwdriver inside the bag on right
use the screwdriver to open the ice skating shoe and get the blade
tap the top bed on the left and get the blue bottle under the pillow
get a hockey stick under the bed

look on the cable on left wall, use the blade to cut it then add the bottle to put out the electricity
the smoke ash will reveal 2 numbers : 54
you need to combine this number with the one from the helmet : 13
tap the top locker on the right and enter 1354 on the keypad to open
remember the code : 4822

use the hockey stick to break the right box glass and get the hockey puck
tap the box on the right and put the hockey puck as keypad
enter the 4822 to open the box and get a keycard inside
use the keycard to unlock the door open and escape to level 14


you must escape 2 nivel 13 step by step video cheat :

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