You Must Escape 2 Level 14 Walkthrough

Cheats for You Must Escape 2 Level 14 Walkthrough how to collect and combine items, solve puzzle and find codes so you can escape the room with keycard and reach new door stage niveau
You Must Escape 2 room escape game by Tedven LLC / Mobest Media on android and iphone


you must escape 2 stage 14 solution :
get the fire poker on fireplace, use it to the left bucket
get the paper under the left seat using the iron poker
look on the paper and count the cherry on each bar : 3 6 5
use these numbers to open the left cabinet drawer
count the ball for each color
1 yellow
2 blue
5 green
3 red
order the numbers using the blanket on the chair :
blue – red – yellow – green
tap the fireplace brick wall and enter the code : 2 3 1 5
get a screwdriver

look on the plank on right side above the fish, these are the order to unscrew
tap the left ram head and unscrew the plank using screwdriver :
top left – bottom right – top right – bottom left
get the keycard and use it to open the door then escape to level 15


you must escape 2 nivel 14 step by step video cheat :

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