You Must Escape The Rooms Level 3 Walkthrough

Cheat for You Must Escape The Rooms Level 3 Walkthrough – Find your way out from a fancy villa room by solving puzzle, riddles and using hidden objects to break the code !
прохождение you must escape – the rooms by Tedven / Mobest Media on iphone and android


you must escape the rooms stage 3 cheats :

You Must Escape – The Rooms Stage 3 Solutions
tap on right lamp to get 1st paper piece
go to left look under the table for axe head
get 2nd paper piece under the mouse
move left vase for the 3rd paper piece

look on inventory for the calender clue, take a look on calendar on the previous room
the grey color = 23 24
use this code to open green drawer on right table
take the switch

back to the lamp and connect the switch on left lamp
you will see the red light after you turn it on
use the hint on left table green drawer with arrow :
left – up left – up – up right – right
take the key and blue ball

use key to open left door and go inside
take stick on right vase and combine it with the axe
pick up the middle vase on right and hammer on floor
use hammer to break the vase and get the rubic cube
pick up red ball under left chair

back to previous room and get a wood behind left wall
combine axe with wood to break it for knife
use it to cut tree in front of the lamp on right
you’ll find 4 symbols :
house – element – cogs – soccer ball

back to left door and go to the left table drawer of right room
enter : family – watering can – wrench – soccer shoe
take the flashlight and press red button for color :
yellow – red – pink – green

open the rubic cube from inventory and press the color :
1 x 4
x 2 x
x x 3
obtain a key and use it to open safe box on right
memorize the direction of the arrow
apply it to buttons on room on right with buddha statue
get the paper for names : NORHAN

use the code to open left drawer for pencil
take the picture under right table
flip it for key and use pencil to draw on the white area
memorize the direction

go to middle door on hallway
enter the direction clue and go inside
find 2 more balls :
orange ball on right picture frame
green ball under left chair

use key to open left desk drawer for phone
get the plug under the right pillow
tap on the middle and connect the plug + phone
memorize the color position for balls later


look at the eiffel tower picture on left and flip it
you’ll find direction clue :
right – up – down – up – left – up
use it to open the cabinet drawer for paper
open left cabinet with paper clue : 96157
put all the balls and change the position like the phone hint
get the key and use it to open right door and escape
proceed to you must escape – the rooms stage 4

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