You Must Escape The Rooms Level 4 Walkthrough

Answer for You Must Escape The Rooms Level 4 Walkthrough – Find your way out from a fancy villa room by solving puzzle, riddles and using hidden objects to break the code !
прохождение you must escape – the rooms by Tedven / Mobest Media on iphone and android


you must escape the rooms stage 4 cheats :

You Must Escape – The Rooms Stage 4 Solutions
tap yellow car on right side to get 1st stone
look under right ground to get 1st card
climb the ladder to get some numbers part

open left box on the house to get 1st smiley and bag
look on right green hole to get 2nd smiley
get 3rd smiley under yellow slider
take the 4th smiley under the wooden house on right

look at the right plank for shape code :
triangle – circle – square – circle hole
apply this code to the yellow car and get a tablet

get magnet stick on left blue slider
memorize the seat color on left :
pink – green – yellow – orange – red
use this code on the blue slider to get fishing rod

take 2nd card and shovel head on left seat
use magnet to get hook on top of the tent

take the paper under the ball and stick on right balloon house
dig on left dig sign near the house
obtain the memory card

insert the smiley button to the house to get axe head

combine card + tablet and connect the tree picture
memorize the height : 2 4 3 1
apply it to the red slider on right to get a stick
combine stick + axe head
use the axe to break the left box for string

combine fishing rod + string + hook and use it on the left water
get the boots and open it for 2nd rock
pick up 3rd rock on right blue slider

take a look on left see saw for direction clue and get the 4th rock
use the code on the bag in your inventory to get 3rd card

look under right blue slider for box
you need to match the rock pattern and size to get the code :
2 1 3 4
take the pencil

look at the shape behind see saw
combine pencil + paper and connect the shape position :
1 3 5
4 6 2
apply this code on the pink pump on left
get the board

now combine board + number piece
use the code to the box on left blue slider
4 6 3 7
take the sunglasses and use it on right picture to see roman numbers :


use this code to open box near right wooden house
take the box
now look at the card :
clover = 6
heart = 8
diamond = 2
memorize the piece position for each cards and apply it to the box
get the key and use it to open the door

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