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Room Escape 100 Walkthrough

Find the missing 6 keys and escape from this room 100 mobest media game, room escape 100 walkthrough will give you the hints where to find them !

you’re locked inside a bizarre room which has 100 keyholes, and 94 keys already inserted on the door ! get the missing keys !

solutions :

dinner table with no food ? you need to escape fast !
click the dinner table
there’s a key inside the ice, find something to break it out
go to left and click the pillow on sofa, get the hammer
select the hamer then back to the table
shake your phone to break the ice and get the key
remember the candle height, from small to big : 3 – 2 – 4 – 1

click the right wine shelf and remember the position, row – column :
3-1, 3-3, 3-4
go left, click the wall right to the door
click to change the color based on the wine
get the key on left

click the table to get a red tool
click the left floor near plant, use the tool on the plank
change it heights based on the candles to get a key
zoom in the right table and remember the cups color from top : blue yellow green
click the plant to get a screwdriver

click the left plant near this cabinet
use screwdriver to unscrew, change 3 colors based on the cups
get the key
tap the picture and rotate the puzzle to make a correct painting

remember the cabinet shape, then back to the dining table
on the wall there are some bricks that you can change
click it based on the cabinet shape, like an arrow
answers :
1st row : middle
2nd row : 2 in the middle
3rd row : 3 in the middle
4th row : all brick
5th row : 3 in the middle
get the key

go to the door and put the key one by one to open and escape !

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Quick Escape Office Walkthrough

Third Episode of mobest media quick escape android game, help guide on quick escape office walkthrough will show you where to find the 6 keys in each office room for this.

solution :
You are overwhelmed with work and office is not the place to be anymore – you need a break, so find 6 key to open the door and escape.

quick escape office cheat answer

look behind the plant to get printer ink cartridge
get the key on the top biner and remember the binder hole pattern : 1 3 2 4

go to the monitor and shake your phone until the monitor breaks and you can get the key inside it
find another ink catridge on the plant

now look the round rocks near the phone, and change the pattern into black like the binder hole
from top to bottom : 1 3 2 4 (left to right) and get the key
zoom in the red chart on the monitor, now remember the number : 5 7 4 9 and change the paper number on right
you will get the key
take a look on top right of the paper and get another ink catridge

put all 3 ink catridge on the printer, you will get a paper with number + color
back to the frame picture right to the binder, and change the numbers : 7 2 8 and get the key

finally go to the door and fix the painting puzzle and get the last key
now escape the room with the 6 keys and open the door !

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Quick Escape Bar Walkthrough

Second episode of Quick Escape game by mobest media for your android, quick escape bar walkthrough will guide you to collect all the keys for the door.

solution :
You don’t remember anything, and should quit drink. Your missions is to find all 6 keys on these bar by solve the puzzles and escape the room !

quick escape bar cheat answer :
look at the clocks
1st clock = 3:15
2nd clock = 7:20
you can change 3rd clock by clicking H and M
the answer is to add 1st clock + 2nd clock = 10:35
get the key from the 3rd clock

on the table get the ice inside the pitchers

go to the bar on right and get the shaker on the top
zoom in the clue on the pitchers and get the white sugar cubes, remember the water height position : 2 1 3 4

zoom in the yellow beer tap and get the key on the right
now remember the color : black, green, red, white

go to the right to see the door
get the mint leaf on the floor
on left side there’s a green bar
– you can change the colors into black – green – red – white and get the key on left
on right side there’s a black bar
– change the height position into 2 1 3 4 (1 = bottom – 4 = top) then get the key on left

go to the right
get the lime from the floor on the right
fix the picture puzzle to get another key

look on the table there’s a drink recipe : lime, sugar, white rum, club soda, mint leave, ice
combine the items you have before : lime + shaker + sugar cubes + ice
now shake your device to change them into 2 items inside your inventory
put the mint leaf on the glass, then put the drinks on the glass
you will get your last key under the blue bottle

put all 6 keys into the door and click to open !

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Quick Escape Jail Walkthrough

Play Quick Escape – Jail on your android device, and get the quick escape jail walkthrough here
this is another Mobest Media room escape game

solution :
In the first episode your mission is to figure out how to escape the jail. The door you need to open is locked with six keys so better hurry up, convict!

quick escape jail guide :
look on the sink for a key


look at calendar for the hint, there’re some date that crossed
count how many of them : 13
look for the bricks left to the door
there are 3 brick that you can click to make “jail day numbers”
make #13 and the bottom brick will give you key


on left side of the door there’s a puzzle you need to tap
click it to make a right anime poster
a key will pop up and drop to floor

below the L shape there are some bricks that you can press
follow the book pattern on inside the L shape
3 book 1 book 4 book 2 book
the middle brick will open, get the key

get a cheese on the table
look under the bed, there’s a brick
tilt your phone to left so the brick move
put the cheese in front of the hole
the mouse will give you a key


look below the pillow on the bed, get the magnet
on the right side of the bed there’s a spider web
click it for a rope
combine rope and magnet inside your inventory
look inside toilet and use the rope + magnet
you will get key

use these 6 keys to open the door

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