Detention Escape Game Scene 12 Walkthrough

Cheats for Find Z Detention Escape Game Scene 12 Walkthrough – What do you think about the Z. Z is not an ordinary alphabet. At least in this room. If you find the meaning of Z, you might be to escape.
прохождение Detention : Escape game by gameday Inc. on ios iphone, ipad and android


detention escape game level 12 Cheats
get a note#2 on left shelf
take note#1 on right cabinet
get the bear on chair and open locker to get a knife
combine bear + knife and dismantle the bear to get another note#3

go to next room
open right locker for key and use it to open chest for cutting machine
cut the hole wires and go inside
pick up hammer on floor
open the panel and get note#6

go back and break the left box to get note#4
use knife to cut right poster
break the wall brick using hammer to get note#5

use knife to cut on left picture frame
you’ll find a clue : Z=Fx11
now look on each paper hint :


do the math and you’ll get Z = 1429
go to the next room and open the door with this code
proceed to detention escape game scene 13


step by step detention escape game stage 12 video guide

Obtained items can be examined, dismantled, and combined for new hints. Use your smarts and logical reasoning to find your way out!
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