Detention Escape Game Scene 13 Walkthrough

Cheat for Last Escape Detention Escape Game Scene 13 Walkthrough – You finally arrived the last room that i have prepared. I think i underestimated you. If you escape this room, you can have eternal freedom. Will not be easy, but do not give up. Good luck.
прохождение Detention : Escape game by gameday Inc. on ios iphone, ipad and android


detention escape game level 13 Cheats
find 6 plates on this room :
red plate under left table
black plate on sofa
yellow plate on right locker
green plate on right shelf
blue plate inside right box

get a paper on middle cabinet shelf and lighter on middle table
read the paper clue :
There is no green at either end
Yellow and blue are at the end of black
Red is bigger than black
Blue is not the smallest but it is on the left of green

these are the order of the plate :
yellow – black – blue – green – red
place the plate on left side and open the safe for key

use key to open the treasure chest for paper hint and combine with lighter
read the code : 4729
unlock the door with this code and go to next room

get left bread and use it to clean the dust on floor
you will see a clue : i need a 500g weight
pick up all 3 water bottle set on right box
place the bottles on sink and fill the water in these order :
fill right – right to middle – empty middle
right to middle – right to left – empty middle
fill right – right to middle – right to left
and you’ll get the 1st bottle

empty the bottles
fill right – right to left – empty left
right to left – empty left
right to left – fill right – right to left
and you’ll get the 2nd bottle

place both bottle on the scale to get a diary
put the diary on right bookshelf and you’ll find a secret exit

go to next room
open bottom left drawer to get a magnifying glass
open right cabinet to get a tennis ball
go back and open left locker to get a glue
combine glue + ball and use it on the hose to break the tube
using magnifying glass look at the shining item on floor to get a diamond
go to next room and use diamond to cut the glass
now you can escape the game


step by step detention escape game stage 12 video guide

Obtained items can be examined, dismantled, and combined for new hints. Use your smarts and logical reasoning to find your way out!
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