Detention Escape Game Scene 6 Walkthrough

Cheats for The weight of the ice Detention Escape Game Scene 6 Walkthrough – Now if you need to measure if something weighs only 1kg, what can you do? If there were some scales it would be easy, but you don’t have any right now.
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detention escape game level 6 Cheats
get hammer on right table and pipe that stand on middle
open trash can on left corner to get adhesive tape
use tape on left window hole to cover it
now break it with hammer and get electronic card
use card on the panel to open right door
break right mirror with hammer and get a valve

go to the next room
take 500ml cup on middle table and 300ml cup on shelf
read the clue on right wall, where you need to get 400g
connect pipe and valve on left wall
place 2 cups on sink and fill it with water in these order :
1. right
2. right to left
3. right
4. right to left
5. empty left
6. right to left
7. right
8. right to left

place the cup to the freezer and get the ice cup
dismantle it to get the ice and place it on the scale to open the door
proceed to detention escape game scene 7


step by step detention escape game stage 6 video guide

Obtained items can be examined, dismantled, and combined for new hints. Use your smarts and logical reasoning to find your way out!
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