Detention Escape Game Scene 7 Walkthrough

Cheats for The key is behind of Detention Escape Game Scene 7 Walkthrough – You may complain. Because you can not find key in this room. But look more closely. The correct answer is always close to you. I hope you look at more details.
прохождение Detention : Escape game by gameday Inc. on ios iphone, ipad and android


detention escape game level 7 Cheats
get a poster on left, magnifying glass on right shelf and wire from right locker
place the poster under the door
look at the door keyhole with magnifying glass
use wire to push key from keyhole
get the poster for key
unlock the door open with key and escape
proceed to detention escape game scene 8


step by step detention escape game stage 7 video guide

Obtained items can be examined, dismantled, and combined for new hints. Use your smarts and logical reasoning to find your way out!
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