House of 100 Zombies Level 6 Walkthrough

Cheats for House of 100 Zombies Level 6 Walkthrough – Can you escape from backroom house of 100 zombies ? find weapon to kill the zombie, collect items and clue to escape, combine and solve puzzles with and multiple puzzles to solve and challenges to complete.
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House of 100 Zombies Level 6 Cheats :
take the chair and cloth on floor
place the chair on right cabinet and reach the screwdriver on top, also memorize the code 3213
use screwdriver on left wallpaper and get the brick
use the brick to break the left picture glass then use the cloth to get the glass shard

enter 3213 to open the cabinet and prepare the shard to kill the zombie inside
get the weight and put it on left floor to break it for some batteries
put the batteries on left flashlight and pick it up
use the flashlight to get 2 dart arrows left side to the cabinet

shoot 2 darts on the dartboard and memorize the color + number on each dart arrow
tap left box and enter
7 6
2 4
take hammer and eye inside
put the eye on the tiger head on left wall and get the blue butterfly

place the butterfly on left picture frame and use hammer to break the wall for key
use key to open door and prepare hammer to kill fat zombie then escape to stage 7


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