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House of Fear Revenge Walkthrough

The latest horror escape game by dim_ok for android, read cheats for House of Fear Revenge Walkthrough for step by step guide to solve the puzzle hints and clue.
There are some several code numbers to open the door, and you will find some ‘portal’ to travel back in time to open some secret door. Remember that you must kill all ghost, and destroy the house building using bomb.. and of course escape before the count down timer out of number 😛

video answer for all step of Escape Impossible Revenge Walkthrough – FunGamesMobile.com :

house of fear escape solutions :
look at the stone roman numbers : II IV VII
go to left door and get a paper scrool & pickaxe
use it to destroy the stone and pick up key & bullet, unlock the left door and get a razor, clamp through the next room

use the clamp on the chain to release the ladder, get 22 bottle on floor and use razor knife on the human body part doll to get a key
open the safe using code from roman numbers : 247 to get a duct tape

go back and put the ladder under the ceiling ladder, go up and get a gun & iron above the fireplace then candle on bookshelf
move to the right then use bottle 22 on the skeleton, now go out side the house and enter through the front door

now get the tape & book on the bookshelf behind the skeleton, go down and get the ladder
select the key and open the door infront of you, combine gun + bullet to kill the demon
pick up some hay and chair on this room

go out and back inside using the front door, look at the room with fireplace
investigate the book inside inventory, there’s a guide how to create fire using some tools :
wood logs + hay and stone + iron

dismantle the chair to get some woods and place it to fireplace with hay
use the lockpick to open left door, get the lightbulb and paper under sofa
put the tape on the TV and press the tv, now use the duct tape to connect the wire
get a stone and tap the lever inside the safe, go back through the tv

combine the iron + stone inside inventory and place it to fireplace
light the candle with fire and place it on bookshelf, get a paper scroll
get the candle dismantle it and place 1 back to the bookshelf, pick up cog and book on right side
go to the right room, left to upstairs and up once more to get crossbow, bullet, cog
combine the bullet and gun then use it to kill the demon dog
look at the clock : 10:22, get the clock holder ring
enter the number to open the drawer
get a cog, hammer and arrow

use the ladder to reach the ceiling
combine the bow and arrow to kill the ghost, look at the table for hints
x o o x o
o x o x x
look at the right wall for number of codes : 802050
enter 508020 to open the globe and get a green gem
go downstairs and get the ladder back

back to the room with tv, open the safe with the scroll paper code inside inventory : 14582437
get a clock and star key inside, if you look at the book there’s a matching door to use this key with

go back to the room where you kill the demon dog.. open the middle door, get a knife above fireplace
use the hammer to break the jar to get a key, look at the gem color above the fireplace.. remember it because you’ll need this later
click on left door, fix the door pattern then use the starkey to open door
use the knife to kill the skeleton that lying on table, tap the mask and get a red gem
go out and use all 3 cogs to put on the middle door open
use the candle to light up the room

click the portal and tap on the X mark on right brick
find a lady ghost, pick up a book from left chair
read it how to kill the ghost : skeleton + fire

travel back and go back to the room where you kill the demon dog,
tap the left lamp and look on the wall for letters and numbers code
tap the bottom right carpet and enter the numbers to open the lock : 17516 for skull

back to the lady ghost, and use the skull on the fireplace
combine the key + clock handle to get a complete key, use it to open the middle door for a purple gem

now travel back and look at the new secret room where you found the purple gem, get the sword from knight and bottle on floor
place the bulb on lamp for house code, read it upside down for numbers : 351104
open the left box with this code and get a yellow gem

go to room with tv, and click it… fill the bottle with water through the faucet on washbin

back to the lady ghost room, before you enter the room use the bottle to put out the fireplace
get a cross then place the gem on the correct spot :
left = red
up = yellow
right = green
down = purple
get a book
move to the right and use the ladder to reach the ceiling then go upstairs, kill the ghost using cross
tap the box like the clue from table :
x o o x o
o x o x x
press the o one, get a wire then combine it with the clock

place the book on left bookshelf for new secret room, go down and use the sword to kill the old man ghost
get the stick and put it on floor as key, go up and get a lantern
use the lantern on the bottom room then open the left cloth and click the mirror

now put the bomb on top of the dynamite stick and get ready to escape for count down timer from 20 seconds !

get the sledgehammer and use it on the right wall, now prepare the ladder from inventory
go to right and reach the ceiling with ladder, and move to the right twice and exit to escape

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House of Horrors Robots Walkthrough

House of Horrors Robots Walkthrough for dim_ok Brain & Puzzle escape game so you can help Oleg to save Olga
there are 3 mini game that you need to play in order to open the door, but you can skip it and i think you can pass it easily if you play it more than 5 minutes

video help guide

house of horrors – robots solutions :
tap the left table and make sure you connected to internet so you see the code : 5743 when you click the table
go back and tap the left door to enter the code 5743
you will see a doctor and zombie, after a long talk go exit and click the right door to play snake game
you need to get 10 red square by moving the arrow so the green square hit the red one
you’ll see a guy that selling weed, 1st checkpoint code : 199
go out and click the middle door
play the mini game and when you pass it you can kill a zombie in this room
go through the door and play another snake game

click the portal to a spaceship
click the panel on the left a couple of time until you can pass the middle door
tap the robot to make it break, you’ll get a 2nd checkpoint : 298
go forward and kill the robot, tap the left keypad and get the sphere inside and your last checkpoint : 387
kill another robot and click the portal on the right

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House of Horrors 2 Walkthrough

House of Horrors 2 Walkthrough for Brain & Puzzle escape game by dim_ok that you can play on android
We need to get out from here and you will see a lot of code numbers, and you need to try to use it on the correct door in order to open

video cheat guide :

house of horrors 2 solutions :
click the cabinet with mirror on the left, click the cabinet doors to see some numbers :
left = 13
middle = +71
right = +26
combine them and you will have 137226
tap the couch on right for the paper hint of green squares
click the table behind olga and remember the number : 2587

open the door in the middle with code : 137126
you will see a strange man then a code to download the game 1 : 154
this is the checkpoint

go to the right room and click on the bench where you can see some blood and code in red numbers :
left: 0000
middle : 4373
right : 10101
tap the trashcan, pick up the key by pressing the black circle from left to right

open the door and you will see code to download the game 2 : 262
click the zombie head repeatedly until you hit it with crowbar
open the door on right using code 10101
you will see some lockers and tv
click on tv, it’s an upside down numbers : 3465
back and open the middle door with code : 4373
another checkpoint : code to download the game 3 321

click the door and highlight these green square :
row 3 column 4
row 2 column 4
row 1 column 4
row 1 column 3
row 1 column 2
row 2 column 2
row 3 column 2
row 3 column 3

go inside and tap the zombie head with crowbar to kill and you will get the code to download the game 4 499
enter the left door with code 0000
click through the left hole and get ready to kill the zombie
go until the end of wall and remember the code : 5930

back to the hallway and open the right door with code : 3465
click the left shelf with yellow color to remember number 6214

go out and open the middle door with code 5930
code to download the game 5 563
you will see michael, and after a long talk a zombie will come out from the left door, kill it then you can go through the door for code to download the game 6 671

now michael will tell you the door ode : 6214 and zombie will attack him
take his gun and shoot him on his head
open the door and click the small computer : turn on internet wifi to see the code
enter the door code 8742 and you will see the portal and the robot will take her away

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House of Fear Walkthrough

The first horror room escape game by dim_ok where you must help saving your friend inside a spooky haunted house, house of fear walkthrough will help you lead the way and escape through the door less in 5 minutes.
your job is to find the key and open the correct door, the monster will scare you off the screen so watch out !

cheats for house of fear answer :

you can see text from your friend :
help me! i’m in an old house! i can not get out! they shut me!

house of fear solution :
click the house
look at the right wall before you go inside, there’s a key
use the key to unlock the middle door and go in
go through the door then click the barrel
move forward to the door

tap the left switch on the wall, the wall will move up then you can go and kill the zombie
click the top ball on the middle window
a police zombie will show up, then the ball will fall and you can go to the door below the window

press the floor near open door for key
go to next room and click the door to make it fall

tap the bricks that blocking your way until it fall down
move on and click the left door
click the window for key and go on

click the door forward and tap the left door
open the white door where you can see a wheelchair
tap the right wall for key then the door
move on forward to the hallway with doll

pull down the 3rd rope and go forward
move forward 2x then click on the lamp to kill the zombie
you will see a red door open it
click right arrow 2x
and press the girl… watch out for the scary face >.<

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House of Fear Escape Walkthrough

2nd horror escape game by dim_ok that you can play on android device. Read House of fear Walkthrough for step by step guide to solve the puzzle hints and clue.
you can use cheat to open the door for couple on the 2nd hallway : 5796 but you need to put their soul back, so there’s really no shortcut way to end this game 😛

video answer for all step :

house of fear escape solutions :
get these item on the room with 3 skeletons :
1. bottle on the shelf
2. chain on the left skeleton’s arm
3. skull on right skeleton
4. rope on skeleton’s head on floor
5. lockpick on left floor

select the lockpick from inventory and use it on the door keyhole, keep rotating the lockpick until the OPEN light on
wait until the eyes on the bars gone then you can click it, if you click when the eyes still there.. you’ll die ;P

there’s a little girl on hallway, don’t click her yet
open inventory and select skull + rope then combine it as a weapon
use the weapon then click the girl, she will turned into skeleton
tap it to get a wood handle, and click the left skeleton to pick up a screwdriver tip
open inventory and combine the handle with screwdriver tip to make a complete tool

click right arrow to change view, you will see a door that block with planks
use screwdriver to remove all 3 planks
pick up the pipe on floor, then open inventory to dismantle the pipe into pipe – valve

go to left side until you see a wall with brick and a pipe on right side
put the valve from inventory to the right faucet
then select the bottle to click on the faucet, you will get a water inside the bottle

go back to the door with planks that you’ve removed
inside you can use the bottle to put out the fire on fireplace to get a key
click the bookshelf for a book with numbers : 5310-2581
do the math and you will get 2729

click the right painting to see a shelf, also get the matches box on top of the fireplace
enter the code number to open the safe : 2729
you can get a soul gem crystal inside
tap the left door to remove the plank and get out

use the key to open the 2nd door on the left
pick up the weight on right side
on the wall there’s a word : LOST
if you read it upside down, it’s number : 1507
tap the left skeleton near door to get a lockpick
get out and go to the other side of hallway with painting and open the left door with lockpick

inside you can see 3 painting and 3 candles
use the matches to light up the candles then press on the middle picture
you’re back to the past
go outside and move to the end of 2nd hallway where you will find a door with code
enter 1507 to open
get a yellow gem inside

go to the room with bookshelf and fireplace, it’s the first hallway and right door
on the hallway you can get a torch first, then open the door with lockpicking tool

use the soulgem crystal on the ghost
select the torch and click the fireplace
use the pipe to break the skull on the right side on top of the fireplace
you can get a green gem

click on the floor there’s a puzzle that you need to reorder the number into :
1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12
13 14 15 blank
then the door will open, get a red gem

go outside and put the torch back on the left wall
click on the hanging skull for hint to put the gems
there’s 1 gem missing, the blue color one

go back to the present by pressing the middle picture on 2nd room hallway
then move to the room with bookshelf and fireplace
the door on the floor should be open by now
get blue gem and 2 bullets inside

back to the past
go to the first hallway and to open the door on the left you must put the gems in the correct order :
left : blue
top : yellow
bottom : green
right : red

inside you can use the crystal to the ghost
then tap the painting to make it fall on floor and get the key on the wall

back to the present
go to the first hallway and click on the lamp
dismantle it to get a wire and light bulb
go to the end of 2nd hallway for room with bricks, it should be open by now
go inside and use key to open the door

combine the weight with chain inside inventory
then use it on the lamp
a secret door will open on the right
go in and get a shotgun on wall
combine he gun with bullets inside inventory, then select it
ope the left door to kill the skeleton

move in and click on the bottom left corner of the carpet for your key, open the right cabinet and go inside
use the bulb to put on the lamp on the table, there’s a hint for code : 5796

go outside back to the 2nd hallway
then click on the right door to enter the code number and use the crystal on the couple
they will give you a key

back to the room where you get shotgun on wall
use the key to open the right door and exit to escape

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House of Horrors Walkthrough

Scary room escape game by dim_ok on android, where you will facing zombie and escape the castle. Use house of horrors walkthrough to find your way out when you’re stuck and can’t get out of the door.
You’ll be playing s Oleg, and here’s the story :
And why i decided to collect these mushrooms in the forest ! now i’m lost ! i was lucky to see the house ! it will have to spend the night, and tomorrow go in search of his vehicle and be able to return to his home !

video guide for house of horrors cheats :

read all the answers step by step how to solve the puzzle and escape the door from zombie in house of horrors solution :
click the house and go inside the right door
tap the skull on the shelf to make it drop and break, you can pick up the key and go to left door

pick up the crowbar on the cabinet
look at the table on right room for hint : 573
use the crowbar to open the left door

on the hallway, click on the left door
get the green bottle on shelf then go out
press the door, you will use the green bottle to open door

you will see a dead body, try to click it to see a small monster
you can press it to kill with crowbar

go to left door and tap the bathtub
pick up the key and get out

click the other room with kitchen inside, press the microwave to make a green light
then go to left door

you will meet a man, and a zombie will kill him
tap the zombie with crowbar

go to the first right door and open the cabinet
a zombie will shit out >.< hit it with crowbar remember the number : 462 on cabinet now go outside and go to the left, press the first door on left you must enter password : 462 press the box to see another number : 666 click the left door to exit tap the right door and enter 573 to open go upstairs, you will see a girl with chain ball click it and enter 666 to release her house-of-horrors-solutions
a zombie will come out, hit him 2x to kill

the girl is hungry, click on the left door and get a bread for her
go out to the right, there’s a fence with zombie
kill him to see michael, he will tell you about portal
exit and go forward then run from the zombie ! you can’t kill him
go to the right once, and click the door on right repeatedly until it open
there will be a green portal to exit 😀

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